Test Bank for NEW Corporate Finance Online Stanley Eakins, William McNally


ISBN-10: 0132828944
ISBN-13: 9780132828949

For use in students’ first Corporate Finance course.

Dynamic engagement without sacrificing core content.

A fully digital choice for the Corporate Finance course, Corporate Finance Online (CFO) offers the core content that instructors value while enabling students to interact with the material like never before.

Moving beyond the rigidities of the traditional textbook, CFO provides a new kind of student experience: interactive, supportive, engaging. A wealth of fully integrated videos, animations, and solution tools brings finance to life, fostering deep student interest. And its robust assessment tools, within the eText itself as well as in MyFinanceLab, help students gauge their understanding of course material, and offer practice in the areas where they most need it.

CFO enriches the classroom experience for both students and instructors. Because CFO offers convenient opportunities to understand and practice the material on their own time, students will come to class better prepared. This will allow instructors to spend more time covering practical applications of course material, helping students see the value of finance in both their everyday lives and the workplace.



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We also faced similar difficulities when we were students, and we understand how you feel.
But now, with the Test Bank for NEW Corporate Finance Online Stanley Eakins, William McNally, you will be able to

* Anticipate the type of the questions that will appear in your exam.

* Reduces the hassle and stress of your student life.

* Improve your studying and also get a better grade!

* Get prepared for examination questions.

* Can save you time and help you understand the material.

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